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Accounts Payable Automation Software

We've been refining our approach to accounts payable for over a decade to encourage true digital transformation within and beyond the finance team. Gain complete visibility of company spend and speed up decision making to accelerate strategic growth.

Accounts payable automation transforming the finance that most colleagues experience

A lot of time is wasted doing manual data entry and correcting resulting errors..  Navigator AIQ offers solutions to deliver automation of invoice data capture with workflow for approvals and we partner with a range of the leading market place specialists.  Save time and costs by handling supplier invoices more efficiently.

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Purchase to pay for full spend and payment visibility

Our extended purchase ledger provides for requisitions, purchase orders, deliveries and supplier invoices to be raised, captured and matched.  Ensure spend is approved by budget holders and payment batches by appropriate manager.  NavigatorAIQ gives complete visibility of corporate spend and with dashboards, enquiries and reports available to configure or use as standard you'll be up and running in no time.

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Multi-currency payments integrated with domestic

Paying suppliers on time and accurately ensures the best supply chain experience.  When that involves foreign currencies it's good to know you're in safe hands with NavigatorAIQ to ensure no delays or errors.  From our fast transaction grid navigation to our quick filters and actions you will stay on top of your payables, group-wide, like never before.

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