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Seamless payment and automated bank reconciliation processing


Being a true cloud accounting software solution we are constantly adopting the latest innovations within the banking and settlement space. Our focus is to make domestic and foreign payments as seamless and secure as possible with NavigatorAIQ’s automated posting and automated bank reconciliation functionality. NavigatorAIQ is PSD2 compliant and integrates easily with many legacy electronic banking systems.


Our customers like these functions:

  • Bank transaction import

  • Memory rule for auto-posting

  • Auto-bank reconciliation to speed up the period end reconciliation process

  • Integrated payments

  • Batch payment with suggested payments and auto allocation

  • Payment approval prior to releasing payment files

  • 3 way FX settlement ($, £, €,)

  • Cashflow forecasting for working capital and long range budgeting

  • Direct debit module

  • Open Banking integration facilitates access to banks in the UK and Ireland for bank feeds, and API integration for payments and receipts.

anking Screenshot 2021-06-19 125821.png
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