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Cloud Financial Reporting Software

Businesses today are most likely to succeed if they can make faster and more informed decisions. For this, you need quick, easy and accurate insights from your financial data. NavigatoAIQ's financial reporting software provides advanced accounting and reporting within our cloud platform to help forward-thinking businesses. We let you consume data when you want in the format you want.

Advanced analytics enhance your financial reporting with operational intelligence

NavigatorAIQ's financial transactions are coded to a GL account with customizable summary level grouping plus up to 6 different analysis dimensions, all with labels of your choice. Report on these values by location, cost center, department by the views, metrics or KPIs important to you. Uniquely, NavigatorAIQ provides all this within one tool. Advanced financial reporting now gets delivered quicker compared with separate systems for each step.

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Consolidate and produce group reports faster than ever before

If your group reporting and complicated consolidation is currently time-consuming then our unique approach will make things faster and easier for you. We don't waste your time with costly and error-prone outdated methods. NavigatorAIQ will give you real-time visibility of holding companies and subsidiary performance combining standard general ledger reports with operational sales, purchasing and cash flow analysis.

More on consolidation

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Access your data your way with role-based experiences for the whole team

Our combined accounting and analytical approach provides unrivalled access to insight in one platform. We have all the tools you are likely to need from over 250 pre-built reports to a library of ready-made role-based dashboards to serve finance, the C-Suite and operational teams. This combined with the power and flexibility of our Microsoft Excel Add-In, to extract data for presentation and modelling, allows you to analyze and present any analysis you want, in real-time.

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