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Collaborative Accounting Software

NavigatorIQ is collaborative accounting software designed for accountants and their clients as well as finance teams and their colleagues. By speeding up the accounting cycle, we boost finance productivity and accounting firms can deliver more efficiently for their clients.

Work with colleagues and clients to create key transactions and processes online

Working together with colleagues and clients helps achieve productivity objectives by removing paper-based systems. Working on a single cloud instance across groups of companies or clients, means frequent tasks such as payment runs, reconciliations and accepting inter-company transactions and consolidations can be completed faster more easily and securely.

Approve critical spend transactions online and with mobile app

NavigatorAIQ enables mobile approval of purchase orders, invoices, expense claims and payment runs. Getting control of corporate spend means working together and you can manage spend controlled by budget holder or by supplier relationship.  Configurable rules enable precise governance policies to be deployed and mapped to the appropriate staff with role-based user profiling and access authentication.

Sharing information is the key to effective collaboration

When you share work tasks with colleagues, the improvements quickly accrue. It is equally important to make sure you can track what is happening and so NavigatorAIQ leaves visual cues as to the status of transaction approvals with clear, colorful traffic lighting to communicate transaction progress. Similarly for senior staff, access to accurate, up-to-date insight helps inform better decision-making. By working together the work gets done quicker and the information is used to more productive ends.

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Collaboration documents           

Team members can upload attachments on transaction and data files for other users to review.  Add documents to the Customer files with detailed customer information.  You can also add support documents to the customer quote for other team members to review.  Add detail requirements or drawings to your purchase order request to eliminate multiple discussions to get the specifications exact. There is no limit as to the additional information that when uploaded with be available to others at a click of a button.

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