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Business Intelligence Software

Our single platform for accounting, consolidation and business intelligence is much more that standard general ledger coding. We enable your General Ledger coding structure to work harmoniously with transactions tagged to projects, divisions, cost centres, departments, locations and funds etc. Give management insight into the performance of operational elements of your organisation.

Unlock the performance of your organization without constraints.

Our separate analysis elements for the GL structure and wider business intelligence share each transaction. Your BI coding is not constrained by the GL structure but can be related. The power is in your hands to exploit the flexibility within NavigatorAIQ to extend your performance monitoring your way.

Consolidate analysis right across your Group of companies.

Maintain your analysis with common structures to reflect performance right across your entities. One-click consolidation, as often as required, will deliver a near real-time view of your data delivered to management. Reporting packs can be produced in minutes at the end of a period or dashboards deployed for real-time access to the data that fuels your metric-driven business.

Metrics drive business performance

NavigatorAIQ gives you insight into your organization's performance without being constrained by your GL structure. Track information by location, by type of customer and by department. Let our platform crunch the numbers from the transactions you post. Rules can be defined to assure the integrity of your reporting so you are free to do more with your precious resources.

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