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Financial Consolidation Accounting Software – Reports in Just One Click

Everyone agrees organizations should stop using spreadsheets for consolidation. But you don't need to add another tool to your existing accounting software. NavigatorAIQ is the combined accounting, group consolidation and business intelligence-enabled software that helps you create consolidated reports and make informed decisions.

Keep each independent entity reporting while with a single click you can consolidate multiple entities - Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Financial Reporting and KPI's

Consolidate at speed and with confidence

Automated consolidation is the dream of group accountants frustrated by archaic and manual processes. It means you can collate, evaluate and update all subsidiary information as accurately and as quickly as possible. With NavigatorAIQ’s combined accounting and consolidation platform, it’s just one-click to perform your consolidation(s) as often as you need. 

Consolidate all key data for better visibility

When the Group FD has to wait until all the manual, consolidation spreadsheets are reconciled, audited and pre-processed who knows how accurate and useful the aggregate data is and if it’s still relevant. With NavigatorAIQ, you combine your accounting and business intelligence analysis into your regular consolidation. This means you produce not just the financial records but also management’s Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to drive understanding.

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All Key Data Screenshot 2021-07-25 133224.png

Reduce costs by adopting digital transformation

Organizations without automated consolidation incur more cost. Manual capture and evaluation to combine results from multiple subsidiaries takes longer. With NavigatorAIQ, you can move all group-wide accounting onto one platform. With common reporting and BI analysis structures, centrally managed FX and sophisticated inter-company transactions, you’ll perform faster and more robust consolidations at considerably lower cost and boost finance team morale.

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